George Clinton & The P-Funk Allstars: 2014-03-07 House Of Blues, Boston, MA

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There’s a share of a pretty recent show over at

Thanks to our friend Dizzy we already have fine cover for this:

PFAS 2014-03-07 House Of Blues Boston MA Front


PFAS 2014-03-07 House Of Blues Boston MA Back

Since the cover contains the opening act The Nephrock Allstars be sure to grab their show, too:

Haven’t heard the show yet, but reportedly the sound is great and the band is ON FIRE.

Thanks to Z for recording and Dizzy for the covers!!

FF Gap


George Clinton & The P-Funk Allstars: 1999-10-15 Clutch’s Cargo, Pontiac, MI

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Another P-Funk upload on Dime, so another post here!

Let’s start with Frozix’ front cover:

Clutch's Cargo In Pontiac - front

A JamRec release cover:



And, as you may have expected, another yellow cover:

clutch's cargo front

clutch's cargo back

FF Gap

George Clinton & The P-Funk Allstars: 1995-12-31 Navy Pier Grand Ballroom, Chicago, IL

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For all you Dimers out there…

This was done by yours truly:



The inescapable yellow cover:

A New Year Full of Funk front

A New Year Full of Funk back

And a superb Frozix front cover:

Navy Pier Grand Ballroom Chicago - front

FF Gap

Bernie Worrell: 1997-03-30 Paradiso, Amsterdam, Netherlands

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It’s time for a Bernie Worrell post!

Here’s the cover for a show I was lucky enough to witness:



An alternate front cover:

Paradiso, Amsterdam, NL - front

The pic that was used for that alternate cover:

Bernie Worrell 1997-03-30 Amsterdam

FF Gap

PS: If you want some pure, uncut Bernie be sure to check out his latest release called Elevation – The Upper Air on M.O.D. Technologies!

George Clinton & The P-Funk Allstars: 1995-10-07 Gainesville, GL

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Sometimes you wonder where all those different recordings and covers come from…

There’s the 3-disc version of this concert with the usual yellow cover named Gainesville Gets Funked Up:

gainesville front

gainesville back

A (highly incomplete) 2-disc version called Gainesville Jam was released by Yesmir Classix:



In addition, a 4-disc version matrix mix was posted at QualityBootz some time ago:
Unfortunately I don’t have artwork for that. I you have some send ’em in, PLEASE.

To avoid all these different trackings you can go with Frozix’ front cover:

Live At Alachua Music Harvest In Gainesville%2C FL front

Regardless of the version you chose this is absolutely great music. A recommended show for sure!

FF Gap

George Clinton: 1999-03-17 private party in San Jose, CA

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“I promise to funk… promise I will keep it… promise I will keep the funk!”

Can you hear the HIGH in my HELLO? It’s 2014 ya’ll, time for a new post. Don’t want to overwhelm anyone with too much content so it’s just a front cover this time 😉

Private Party in San Jose, Ca - front

FF Gap

George Clinton & The P-Funk All-Stars: 1994-04-06 Tramps, New York

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In support of the recent share on Dime here’s the cover for the last of a three night stint at Tramps in New York:

Seems like the seed on Dime originates from a different source than the recording this artwork was made for…

Enjoy it anyway,
FF Gap

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